1. Textopsx Module

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul


Daniel-Constantin Mierla


1.1. Overview
1.2. Functions
1.2.1. msg_apply_changes()
1.2.2. change_reply_status(code, reason)
1.2.3. remove_body()

1.1. Overview

This is a module implementing funtions for text operations over SIP messages in configuration files. It comes to add new features similar to textops module (textops eXtentions).

1.2. Functions

1.2.1.  msg_apply_changes()

Use this function to apply changes performed on SIP request content. Be careful when using this function; due to special handling of changes done to SIP message buffer so far, using this function might change the behaviour of your config. Do test your config properly!

This function can be used from REQUEST_ROUTE.

Example 1. msg_apply_changes() usage

append_hf("My-Header: yes\r\n");
    # msg buffer has a new content
        # will get here always

1.2.2.  change_reply_status(code, reason)

Intercept a SIP reply (in an onreply_route) and change its status code and reason phrase prior to propogating it.

Meaning of the parameters is as follows:

  • code - Status code.

  • reason - Reason phrase.

This function can be used from ONREPLY_ROUTE.

Example 2. change_reply_status usage

onreply_route {
    if (@status == "603") {
        change_reply_status(404, "Not Found");

1.2.3.  remove_body()

Use this function to remove body of SIP requests or replies.

This function can be used from ANY_ROUTE.

Example 3. remove_body() usage