mi_fifo Module

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Table of Contents

1. Admin Guide
1. Overview
2. FIFO command syntax
3. Dependencies
3.1. Kamailio Modules
3.2. External Libraries or Applications
4. Parameters
4.1. fifo_name (string)
4.2. fifo_mode (integer)
4.3. fifo_group (integer) fifo_group (string)
4.4. fifo_user (integer) fifo_group (string)
4.5. reply_dir (string)
4.6. reply_indent (string)
5. Functions
6. Example

List of Examples

1.1. Set fifo_name parameter
1.2. Set fifo_mode parameter
1.3. Set fifo_group parameter
1.4. Set fifo_user parameter
1.5. Set reply_dir parameter
1.6. Set reply_indent parameter
1.7. FIFO request

Chapter 1. Admin Guide

1. Overview

This is a module which provides a FIFO transport layer implementation for the Management Interface.

2. FIFO command syntax

The external commands issued via the FIFO interface must follow the following syntax:

  • request = first_line argument*

  • first_line = ':'command_name':'reply_fifo'\n'

  • argument = (arg_name '::' (arg_value)? ) | (arg_value)

  • arg_name = not-quoted_string

  • arg_value = not-quoted_string | '"' string '"'

  • not-quoted_string = string - {',",\n,\r}

3. Dependencies

3.1. Kamailio Modules

The following modules must be loaded before this module:

  • No dependencies on other Kamailio modules.

3.2. External Libraries or Applications

The following libraries or applications must be installed before running Kamailio with this module loaded:

  • none

4. Parameters

4.1. fifo_name (string)

The name of the FIFO file to be created for listening and reading external commands. If the value is a file name or does not start with '/', the FIFO file is created in the 'run_dir'. The 'run_dir' is a core parameter that can specify where to create runtime files, its default value is '/var/run/kamailio/'.

Default value is 'Kamailio_fifo'.

The full path used by default for FIFO file is '/var/run/kamailio/Kamailio_fifo'

Example 1.1. Set fifo_name parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_name", "/tmp/kamailio_fifo")

4.2. fifo_mode (integer)

Permission to be used for creating the listening FIFO file. It follows the UNIX conventions.

Default value is 0660 (rw-rw----).

Example 1.2. Set fifo_mode parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_mode", 0600)

4.3. fifo_group (integer) fifo_group (string)

System Group to be used for creating the listening FIFO file.

Default value is the inherited one (process group).

Example 1.3. Set fifo_group parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_group", 0)
modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_group", "root")

4.4. fifo_user (integer) fifo_group (string)

System User to be used for creating the listening FIFO file.

Default value is the inherited one (process user).

Example 1.4. Set fifo_user parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_user", 0)
modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_user", "root")

4.5. reply_dir (string)

Directory to be used for creating the reply FIFO files.

Default value is /tmp/

Example 1.5. Set reply_dir parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "reply_dir", "/home/kamailio/tmp/")

4.6. reply_indent (string)

Strings to be used for line indentation. As the MI data structure is tree oriented, the depth level will be printed as indentation.

Default value is "\t" (TAB).

Example 1.6. Set reply_indent parameter

modparam("mi_fifo", "reply_indent", "    ")

5. Functions

No function exported to be used from configuration file.

6. Example

This is an example showing the FIFO format for the get_statistics dialog: tm: MI command response.

Example 1.7. FIFO request