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Just add your questions and remarks on the bottom of the page.

This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around OpenSER.

It will be held on friday the 20-04-2007 at 13:00 GMT (Time converter) in the #openser channel on irc.freenode.net.


Experiences with OpenSER 1.2

  • one month after the release
  • problems?
  • any annoyances?
  • migration plans

OpenSER project

* hosting for the web/ftp/deb site (server, migration, admin) * are we happy with SF? alternatives * compile farm options? SF does not provide this service anymore

State of OpenSER Documentation

  • for developers
  • doxygen code documentation
  • starting guide for users


* some patches are on our tracker (miconda attempted to contract RTPProxy developer, but no feedback so far, should re-attempt) * some expressed on IRC and mailing lists intention to enhace RTPProxy (transcoding, accounting, …) * decision to be taken: how to proceed?

Next release

  • major release in six months?
  • Roadmap?
  • features currently in development
  • minor releases?
  • how to handle p2psip ?

Q&A Section

Your name Question
SebastienTricaud What do you think of having several libraries handling specific OpenSER related operations. Such as libopenserbase for handling basic operations (memory etc..) or libsipparser for parsing sip only ? Thus other projects could use it instead of having to reinvent the wheel. I am in this situation where I use OpenSER SIP parser only that I libified for custom purposes.
Cesc Santa I think this would be great, but it requires quite some re-write, I think. But modularization would go a long way, making it easier to understand the codebase and get new people and projects on board.
SebastienTricaud Since I am very interested by this, I would like to propose several patches to go in that direction. First of all I'd like to know whether it would be accepted or not (not its quality, its goal)
Henning we can talk later on this, as part of the openser roadmap discussion there should be time for your question.
SebastienTricaud Sure, do you know when this will happen ?