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Developer Git Access

Anyone that has relevant contributions (consistent patches, new modules, a.s.o.) to Kamailio can get Git write access to commit directly to our source code repository hosted at .

Cloning Repository for Write Operations

Each developer has an user ID for accessing the repository via ssh, which allow push operations. Cloning can be done via command:

git clone ssh:// 


Kamailio repository branches are categorized in:

  • project main branches
  • private developer branches
  • common temporary branches

All of them are accessible in read only mode to everyone.

Main Branches

Development Branch

The branch used for development version is named master.

The commits here must be fixes and features targeting next major release.

Stable Branches

These branches are created for each major release of Kamailio. The name follows the pattern X.Y, when both X and Y are numbers, representing the first two numbers from Kamailio version. A typical Kamailio version is formed from three numbers, X.Y.Z, where Z denotes the minor version number of a major release.

For example, 4.1.4 is released from branch 4.1. Same was done for 4.1.0, 4.1.1, a.s.o.

Last two stable versions are maintained, therefore any bug has to be fixed in both, when appropriate.

There MUST NOT be any commit adding a new feature in a stable branch. ONLY bug fixes. Improvements to documentation or adjacent helper tools are allowed.

Typical way of fixing a bug that needs to be backported:

  • commit the patch to master branch
  • cherry pick it to last stable branch
  • cherry pick from last stable branch to previous stable branch

Private Branches

Each developer can push commits to branches that don't allow other developers to push.

A developer private branch must have the name in the format userid/branchname, where user id is developer's commit username.

For example, Alice can use alice/testingx. Pushing local master branch to remote alice/testingx:

git push origin master:alice/testingx

These branches are useful when doing experimental things that might not get to master after all or during testing period before releasing a major version when committing to master branch is frozen.

Such branches must be deleted once they are merged to master branch or not used anymore.

Private Branches

These branches allow all developers to push commits to them. The name of such branch must be tmp/branchname.

Pushing local master branch to remote branch tmp/testingx:

git push origin master:tmp/testingx

This kind of branch is recommended when many developers experiment with new code that might not get to master branch after all.

Commit Recommendations

  • whenever there are patches for modules maintained by other developers, it is better to discuss them on mailing list before pushing them to remote repository. The patch can be:
  • patches to own modules can be pushed at any time. However, if you want to discuss on sr-dev mailing lists, you are welcome to send an email

Further Guidelines

Several tutorials about committing with Git and backporting are available at:

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