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Kamailio's Makefile System

Generate Main Binary


Compile Everything

make all

Install Everything

make install

Clean Source Tree

  • clean object files
make clean
  • clean all generated files
make proper

Generate Modules

make modules

Generate Config for Makefile

make cfg
  • add extra defines in makefile config
  • cfg for Makefile is config.mak
  • you can edit it and tune as you wish before compilation

Enable Module

If the module is not compiled by default:

  • edit modules.lst
  • remove the name of the module from exclude_modules variable

or type:

make modules-cfg include_modules=<name_of_the_module>


The same can be accomplished with

make cfg include_modules=<name_of_the_module> 

, but this will remake the whole config.

Combined Parameters

Various parameters can be given to make command, an example:

make prefix=/opt/kamailio \
     SCTP=1 \
     CC_EXTRA_OPTS=-I/usr/gnu/include \
     group_include="standard postgres presence" \
     include_modules="snmpstats perl tls" \

or you can save them in the config (they will be used by future make invocations) by givin the same parameters to make cfg:

make cfg prefix=/opt/kamailio \
     SCTP=1 \
     CC_EXTRA_OPTS=-I/usr/gnu/include \
     group_include="standard postgres presence" \
     include_modules="snmpstats lcr tls"

Generate README For Modules

  • all READMEs for modules located in directory modules
make modules-readme
  • README for one module. Example for modules/dispatcher:
make modules-readme modules=modules/dispatcher


make -C modules/dispatcher/doc readme

Generate Different Formats For Modules Documentation

Available formats: * txt - text plain * xhtml - single xhtml file * html - html files (chunks) split by sections * pdf - PDF file

Command to generate a specific format for a module:

make modules-doc doc_format=format modules=path/to/module

Example: generate single xhtml file for auth module:

make modules-doc doc_format=xhtml modules=modules/auth

Regenerated Database Scripts

make dbschema

Various Helpful Commands

make uninstall

Install Debian init.d Scripts

make install-initd-debian

Install CentOS init.d Scripts

make install-initd-centos
make printcdefs
make printvar v=varname

Printing $(C_DEFS) content.

make printvar v=C_DEFS
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