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IRC development meetings

The purpose of these meetings is:

* discuss the latest developments in and around OpenSER * coordination between the different developers * talk about actual areas of improvement in the project * give an overview about the current direction of development * discuss about specific patches or Bugs

Organisational stuff:

* free participation for everyone who is interested * moderated in case that somebody is really disturbing * regular schedule, duration about one hour * meeting minutes will be posted afterwards

Place of the meetings:

* it will be held on the Kamailio (OpenSER) development channel * the address is #kamailio on irc.freenode.net

Future meetings:


Past meetings:

* 17-02-2009: 15:00 UTC Time converter

* 20-04-2007: 13:00 UTC Time converter

* 17-07-2007: 13:00 UTC Time converter

* 19-02-2008: 13:00 UTC Time converter

* 06-11-2008: 15:00 UTC Time converter